Prior to the Tower work in 2015, a maple tree too close to the building had to be cut down. Timber pegs from this very tree will be used primarily in the Tower, presenting two unique opportunities for donors:

Preservation partners Northcott Wood Turning and Preservation Timber Framing have donated the cost of producing the timber pegs, so your entire gift will help fund the remaining work on the Tower (minus minimal expenses for certificates and photos).
  • Commemorative Peg — For a gift of $175, you can write a loved one’s name or a memorial phrase right on the peg, and receive a framable illustration showing exactly where your peg ended up being used in the timber frame.
  • Hammer it Home — For a gift of $1,000, you can customize a commemorative peg, and actually drive it home into the timber frame yourself! Later you will receive the location certificate and a photo of your physical effort.

Make your donation and order your peg below, or at various events where the Friends are present. For your commemorative phrase, you can:

  1. Write it on your peg wherever you see the Friends set up for donations, or

  2. Stop by the First Parish Church office during its normal business hours and write on your peg, or

  3. Enter it on the donation form and we'll write it for you.

Thank you!