Phase 1 fundraising is complete and already spent, with the small First Parish Church congregation raising about $1M through past donations and a hugely successful internal capital campaign.

A community-oriented Phase 2 campaign is now underway, seeking cash and materials donations. Contributors and funding sources are gratefully described below.

Corporate & Organizational Sponsors

These firms help make the work possible through generous materials, services, or cash donations.

Individual and Family Donations

Thanks to the following for the cash donations they have made.

  • Hannah Martin
  • Alan Pawl
  • Grace Reisdorf
  • Dijit Taylor
  • Waddell Media, Northern Ireland
    "Thanks for the help with our Rev. MacGregor filming weekend, and good luck with the Meetinghouse preservation work." 
    — Richard Weller, Director
  • Janet & Bart Wetherbee
    In memory of Janet's parents, Lois & George Fagert
  • Dr. Timothy & Sharon Butterfield
  • Marilyn Ham & Family
    In memory of FPC Pastor Chet Ham
  • Nancy Heywood
  • Barbara & Hervey Heywood
  • Beth Hunter
  • Margie Ives
  • Susan Lefebvre (Songweaver)
    "Can't wait to sing again in the Sanctuary!
  • Susan & Paul Lindemann
  • Rick Manganello


The project has so far been successful in receiving these competitive grants. 

2015 LCHIP Award — Tower Rehabilitation Project

After two years of unsuccessful applications, a 2015 request aimed at rehabilitating the entire Tower won a $125,000 award (towards the $301,000 projected project costs). This covers four phases: lowering the unsafe top (the Steeple), rehabilitating that Steeple, rehabilitating the Tower Base, and rejoining the Steeple with the Base and finishing the Tower.

2016 LCHIP Award — Roof System Rehab Project

A second successful application in 2016 yielded a grant of $59,000 towards the $177,000 project to strengthen the roof frame and repair the slate covering it.

2017 LCHIP Award — Steeple Rehabilitation

The upper Tower proved to be in tremendously worse condition than anticipated, and will require $90,000 of work over that previously quoted and granted for this phase in 2015. A third successful application in 2017 provides a grant of $30,000 towards that $90,000.

LCHIP  — NH's State Land and Community Heritage Investment Program

LCHIP — NH's State Land and Community Heritage Investment Program

Partners in Preservation

These firms and people have been especially helpful and supportive.